Why Rent a Villa in Bali is the Safest Travel Option During Pandemic ? [Updated 2021]

Why Rent a Villa in Bali is the Safest Travel Option During Pandemic ? [Updated 2021]

rent a villa in bali
rent a villa in bali
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Why rent a villa in Bali is the safest travel option for you during this hard time? We breakdown these main reasons for you.

Many people are more than ready to book a trip to Bali once the borders reopen for international travellers again.

For those who have been in Indonesia during the past months and are planning to stay, it’s not all doom and gloom as green light has been given for domestic travels and Bali has reopened to local tourists again.

Right here on the island, daily life is gradually returning to “normal”, cafes and shops started operating again and natural attractions like beaches and waterfalls have also reopened.

Even so, the question remains, is it safe enough to travel?

The answer clearly goes back to personal circumstances and judgement. But if a tropical getaway is on your agenda, we strongly believe that rent a villa in Bali is one of the safest travel options for the following reasons.

Bali international airport would start to open its door for Singapore-Bali flight route in May 2021. Source: travel.kompas.com

Why Rent a Villa in Bali: The Reasons Behind it.

1. Privacy and Safety

Renting a villa in Bali, means you and your travel companions have all the space to yourself and won’t have to share it with other people.

It’s a big plus in times like these.

You get to enjoy the luxury of your own private pool and self-isolate in your rented villa in Bali without having to worry about social distancing.

2. Rent A Villa Means Have A Comfortable Stay

Unlike staying in a hotel room, where you’re mostly out exploring during the day and only using the room to sleep and shower. Staying in a villa is a different experience.

Most villas in Bali are designed to make your stay truly enjoyable and far from a boring situation. 

What could be better than lazy days by the pool and a lovely Al Fresco dinner with your nearest and dearest?

Or maybe having an evening chit chat with your small group of friends in a lush tropical garden?

3. Strict Hygiene Measures

As one of the government requirements, all holiday rentals have stepped up their cleanliness measures. 

We are making sure that all staff are healthy and fully briefed to keep up with the new hygiene standard.

The same rule applies to public spaces like shops and restaurants. Facilities are disinfected regularly, body temperatures are checked upon entering premises and hand sanitizers are provided in every corner.

Read more about our villa maintenance.

4. Outdoor Activities

If you prefer to explore, Bali offers a huge array of outdoor activities with abundance of fresh air and sunshine.

From beaches to waterfalls, rice fields to mountains, there are plenty of options to enjoy nature while respecting social distancing rules.

The island’s open spaces in contrast to densely populated cities, makes it the best place to avoid crowds.

5. Private Transfers

Traveling in Bali with a car and private driver has always been the most common and comfortable transportation option.

Private drivers in Bali are following strict safety measures as well during these times, so you can explore the island without worry.

Even better, booking a private driver also means supporting locals who have been struggling through the pandemic.

Traveling in general won’t ever be the same again, at least for a long while. 

While people cannot wait to travel again, social distancing and enhanced hygiene standards will remain important factors.

It has to be taken into consideration when you are going to book a trip.

Thus, as travel restrictions ease; we expect to see an increasing trend in private villa renting in Bali for the reasons mentioned above.

Frieska Zain
Social Media & Content Specialist at Bali Management Villas