We are a villa and property management company, expert in short-term vacation rentals in Bali, Indonesia.


With more than 10 years of experience in Bali villa market, we provide a whole villa management service to property owners.

During our years of operations in Bali, we have built positive relationships with major players in the industry.

These connections enable us to generate a proven track record of considerable revenue.

We have a reputation for providing some of the best villa maintenance, customer service, and applying the highest industry standards in terms of villa services.

We directly manage over 150 villa properties in Bali and employing more than 200 highly trained employees.

Our team is composed of experts in hospitality, real estate, tourism, marketing and many more, who have been working with us for a long time and accrued expertise in Bali Villa markets.

Everyone working at Bali Management Villas treat every villa as an individual entity with its uniqueness that requires a different approach. Our team would go into every detail, which means opening closets, moving couches, and opening carpets, for inspections to ensure all the properties are well maintained.

FAQ Bali Management Villas

At Bali Management Villas, we deliver personalized and customized hospitality that gives customers the maximum degree of liberty in all prime locations of the city with French standards of care and quality.

We aim to prevent and solve all the problems efficiently and professionally for owners, making it a hassle-free experience.

At the same time, we provide top-notch hospitality service to all villa guests, making their experiences memorable and unique.

With proven track record and accrued skills, we now also manage 4 resorts in Gili Islands and Nusa Ceningan.

At the same time, we also manage 2 boats cruising through Komodo and Raja Ampat, creating a once in a lifetime experiences for guests worldwide.



We believe that your property has potential and with all the experience and expertise we have,
we can help you to boost revenues and maximize profits from your villa.


We have years of experience operating in the villa industry in Bali, so we are familiar with the customers’ needs and can accurately predict and sets the correct positioning, pricing, and competitive strategies for villa of different categories. Our airbnb profile has one of the largest number of positive reviews and your listing will be on the front page for maximum exposure. 


We, as a French company, operate on the highest international standards. We rigorously conduct market studies and research to find the best pricing and positioning strategies for our villas in different locations. Every step of operation is well managed and documented, to make sure each and every decision we make is based on sufficient scientific studies and industry standards. We have departments in sales, marketing, e-commerce, accounting, and reservation, each with its own expertise in the field to comprise a cooperative and efficient whole.


From our years of experience, we have built positive connections with the big players in the industry, including villa suppliers, villa agents, tour agents, and many others. With this extensive network, we can guarantee the maximum exposure for your property and the most saving from operational expenses. 



At Bali Management Villas, we offer one stop full management service to villa owner. 


A professional team of reservationist takes care of guest’s request, inquire about their specific needs and demands, and pre-arrange their requests with operational team for a start of the perfect holiday. They will, with their professional training, act as the representative of the villa to fulfil every demand. 

The team also takes care of numerous requests from all online and offline agent, using the most up-to-date reservation and booking software, to avoid any double-booking or mistakes, maximizing efficiency. 

You as a villa owner, will receive a special link to your property and get real-time update on any new reservation through email. You can sit back and relax, while we taking care of the communication with the guests. 


As with many private villas rentals, the biggest headache will be the undetermined guests’ check-in time. It might be 2 am in the morning, or unannounced arrival early in the morning. However, with our professional team of villa managers, this will no longer be a hassle. 

The team will pre-arrange check-in time with the guests, and wait for them no matter how late is it into the night, and always with a big smile on their face to settle them in to the villa. 

With years of experience, they’re also experts in complain solving and negotiation. They will be the one to communicate with guests who check-out late with professional attitudes to guarantee a satisfactory result. 

Every villa has its unique characteristics and different safety precautions, so our villa manager team will introduce the villa individually to the guests and showcase them as a piece of art.


Another challenge in villa operation will be the constant need of maintenance in the villa. Whether is it repainting the wall, fixing broken chairs, dealing with electric shortage, or bathroom water problem, we have a professional maintenance team to take care of the matter professionally and efficiently. 

You will be consulted and informed of any maintenance work taking place in the villa. We have a team of experts villa inspectors that determine the severity of the problem and whether it would impact guests experience. They will choose a time in the low season to block certain dates to fix problems that are insignificant, or communicate with the guests to settle them in one of our other villas if the problem is significant and urgent. All is done to guarantee the maximum occupancy and guest satisfactions. 

With years of experience in the industry, we have reliable partners and contacts for villa supplies, so you will always get supplies with best performance/price ratio on the market and have the decision making power to choose which material/brand to repair or replace the broken parts.



Transparency is the keyword we use to maintain trust with villa owner, as every step of our operation is documented and traceable. You can always require to see the details of every expense and we have all the receipts, documents, and photos to support every decision we have made.


You will receive a detailed monthly report every month which records in detail, all the reservation made on your villa, revenue, expenses, occupancy, average daily rate, month / year to date statistics, etc.  In this reader friendly report, you would clearly see the performance of your villa and all justifiable operational expenses. 


We believe communication with villa owner is our priority and we will never make any decision on your villa without your consent. Whether it is replacing the pool tower, repainting the wall, or renewing WiFi subscription, you have all the decision making power to choose whether to replace or repair it, and what brand / style / material / price would suit you. All the defects will be documented with pictures and options will be presented clearly for you to decide. 


You will be given a specific link to your property that you can check in real-time all the reservation details, including length of stay, name, rate, channel etc. so you can monitor your property even if you’re far away. 



We don’t charge any monthly fee, as our commission is reservation based. It gives us the motivation to proactively market your villa and gain exposure, as the more you earn, we earn more too. 

The fee is low compared to the industry standards, as most of off-line agents or villa agents, while only listing your properties on their website, would charge at least 20% of published rate. 

With full management and all the benefits with working with us, we believe 25% off publish rate for every booking is justified. 



 As we only taking a reasonable 25% commission from your publish rate, you would have a series of hidden gems from us:


  • WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT for your property




All wrapped in a package without any additional invoice for you.

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