Retire in Bali: 8 Steps to Have a Very Pleasant Retirement in Bali

Retire in Bali: 8 Steps to Have a Very Pleasant Retirement in Bali

retire in bali
retire in bali
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Retire in Bali has become an option for many people in their edge of productive age. In this article we give you 8 steps to have a pleasant retirement in Bali.

Retire in Bali? Well, there are dozens of opinions that tell you why this is a good choice for your great retirement days. This beautiful-small island has an enchanting nature, not to mention its culture and religion. 

Almost everyone could speak proper English. Means that you wouldn’t expect any difficulties in communication.

Plus, who would refuse the conveniences of home, magical beaches, excellent shopping and delicious food for a little cost? 

Your money stretches farther here, so you can live a luxurious lifestyle for pennies on the dollar. You could stay in a two-bedroom with two-bathroom villa and a private pool for $700-$800 a month.

First of all, you need to choose where you want to spend your retirement days in Bali.

Where Should I Stay When I Retire in Bali?

As you already know, Ubud and Seminyak are the most popular places among expats and tourists. Both of these areas have all the modern and Western lifestyle and amenities that can facilitate your daily life.

But don’t narrow it down, you could choose another place different from the two areas we mentioned before. 

Where do Most Expats Live in Bali?


Ubud is the center of a bohemian, healthy and artsy lifestyle combined. It’s a garden of Eden for all yogis, organic products consumers, art connoisseurs, mystic lovers and nature seekers. If you already finished your “Eat” and “Pray” phase, then Ubud is for you.


Talking about Seminyak is inseparable from the sunset beaches, vibrant nightlife and daily shopping. Start your day with a morning walk on the beaches, have a brunch in different restaurants along the road, take a sip of wine in a sunset bar and close the night by choosing one of the party spots on it.


Sanur, on the southeast coast, is a small laidback area in Denpasar with calm waters, beautiful sunrise and great restaurants. You could buy or rent a bike and ride it on a pretty boardwalk along the beach.


Uluwatu is the surfing capital of Bali. Due to its wave size, it is generally not for beginners at all. But if you happen to be a veteran surfer, then it’s a perfect area to live your old-school surf life.


Lovina is pinned on the north coast of Bali. It has black-sand beaches stretching along the strip. Some of your morning would be cherished with the dolphin pod, dancing within the bay. The beach is as calm as a giant lake, so it definitely is not a surf-spot. But you have a chance to do a snorkeling or scuba diving stroll.


Canggu is becoming a magnet for many people all over the world. This area has become a crossover spot of rebels, spiritual, healthy life, party-seeker and surfing enthusiasts in the past 10 years.

What are the Requirements to Retire in Bali?

The Indonesian government offers various types of visas. From tourist, business, employment to retirement visas. Each has different requirements, rules and benefits.

Retirement Visa Requirements in Indonesia

  • At least 55 years old of age
  • Have proof of health and life insurance
  • Proof of pension—a minimum of roughly $1,520 per month, or at least a lump sum of $18,270 to provide living expenses while in Bali
  • Proof of a rental agreement with the cost set at over $380 a month
  • A letter stating you agree to employ at least two (2) Indonesian citizens while you live here—an assistant, a household worker, etc.
  • A C.V. and a statement agreeing that you won’t work while in Bali. 

These rules and regulations can change so be sure to check for updates and additions. You can check it in here.

By acquiring this visa you’ll be able to stay in Bali for one year and renew it for five more years. The good news is that’s not the only benefit you can get. 

With your visa, you can open a local bank account and get a local driving license.

Some restaurants, tourist spots and hospitals also offer discounts to expatriates with visas. 

8 Steps to Have an Easy Retirement in Bali

Lots of people have no problem looking for reasons to retire in Bali. The local people are warm and friendly, the religion is intriguing, the Balinese culture is fascinating, and the weather is warm all year round.

While it seems complicated to have a retirement in Bali, if you do your research and plan, you’ll find out that it would be as easy as taking a sip of coconut water.

These are the basic steps to smoothen your retirement life in Bali. But be sure to check your situation thoroughly, as it may impact differently.

1. Check the Most Comfortable Space for You

Before you make a move, please test the waters first. It would not be a sweet short holiday escape.

Feel the Bali vibes with live amongst the locals, adapt your digestive system with local foods or train your trading skills with shop in local markets. 

Do this at least for 3 months to get the atmosphere. That’s long enough to ensure the weather conditions suit and enough time to start building a network. Other fellow expatriates are the key to success in helping you to cope with this new environment.

To quote Sir Richard Branson: “Don’t think what’s the cheapest way to do it or the fastest way to do it. Think what’s the most amazing way to do it.”

Every area in Bali offers many different experiences. Write down your bucket list, and explore this small island, until you find your true place that fits you the most.

2. Get A Housing

Retire Couple in Bali in their house

After you choose the most fitted area for you, now it’s time to look for housing. There are many options of quality housing in Bali, from studio-style apartments, modern residences, and luxury villas with private pools.

Searching can be time-consuming though, so consider hiring a local agent to help you would be a good choice. To gain your retirement visa, you must show proof that you are living in Bali. A lease agreement should always be signed under your name as verification.

3. Driving License is A Must

Public transportation is a scarce thing in Bali. So how would you stroll around? If you have an international driving license would be one of must-have items if you are willing to live your retirement days in Bali.

Car rental would be around $180 per month. Or if you want to relive your boldness riding a two-wheels in your youth period, you could rent a scooter or motorcycle for $40 – $100 per month.

For alternatives, you could use taxis or online drivers as well.

4. Have a Medical Insurance

Make sure you have decent medical insurance. Your cover can be in the guise of personal insurance or travel insurance, but be sure to research what will suit your personal needs best.

5. Hire Some Helpers

Hire a house cleaner, gardener, private chef, or domestic helper of some kind. As one of the conditions to have a long-term living in Bali, you should employ local workers. This could be a housekeeper for as little as $20 per week or a gardener for as little as $10 per week.

6. Final Check Your Balance

Obviously, you will need to ensure you have enough money to support yourself, and you should plan your budget accordingly. You need to enclose a proof of income statement – the minimum is US$1,500 per month. It would be more than enough to cover your life expenses in Bali.

Ensure you have a passport with more than 18 months of validity.

You could do the application process by yourself, but if you choose to seek a reputable agent to do it for you, it would be easier for your life. Ask for recommendations with other expatriates who already lived in Bali for a few years.

Go with proper procedures to avoid any unwanted problems ahead.

8. Have an Investment


If you want to retire in Bali in comfortable ways, you should consider making an investment. 

Especially a property investment in Bali.

Undoubtedly, property pricing in Bali has increased exponentially since 2011 while the percentage of the growth ranged from 34 percent. However, due to the 2020’s pandemic, Bali’s property prices are in almost a stalemate.

Fortunately, this is your chance to grab your property investment in Bali. As we expected a bounce after this pandemic is officially over all over the world.

Further details you can read our articles about why you should consider investing in Bali’s property.


So are you ready to have a pleasant retirement in Bali? Or are you already in the middle of retirement in Bali and eager to have a property investment in Bali and want to push your property rent yield? You have come to the right place just Contact us or Submit your property.

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