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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bali Management Villas.
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When choosing a management company for your villa,
it’s important to check certain attributes that account for the company reliability.

  • лет опыта
  • Track Record
  • Company organisation
  1. Bali Management Villas is a professional property & hospitality management and marketing company that has been in the vacation rental market in Bali for several years with a proven track record of considerable returns for the owner.
  2. Bali Management Villas focuses on providing the top-notch property management service to individual owners as well as other property companies.
  3. Bali Management Villas’ motto is to provide the best personalized services in the most professional manner.
  1. We have many years of experience in the Balinese market
  2. We consistently analyse the market trends and customer demands.
  3. We have teams of professionals taking care of guests, maintaining properties, analyzing the market, and connecting with property owners.
  1. We manage varieties of villas of varying degrees of quality from simple vacation homes to ultra-luxury mansions in Bali.
  2. We provide hotel management service to properties such as resort, hotel, boutique hotel, or villa complex.


  • We conduct scheduled and regular villa inspections to make sure each property is always in its prime condition.
  • We have area managers for every area in Bali that pay personalized attention to every single property.
  • By being in Bali Management Villas’ villa collection, an individual villa can benefit from the overflow of customers from other villas.
  • We don’t prioritize one villa over the other, and we present all the available options for our customers to decide.
  • We offer a 24/7 villa manager contact to help solve any issue guests may encounter during their stay in the villa.
  • We offer professional training to villa staff or provide highly trained employees to individual villas to make sure guests receive the best service.
  • We help guests arrange everything they ever require, be it in-villa massage, or helicopter ride around the island, we can make it happen.

We set no limitation on the number of stays the owner requests, as it’s the owner’s property.

You can simply check the calendar to select unoccupied dates and make the booking directly with our reservation.

  1. When you have decided to select us as the care-taker of your property, we will conduct the following steps to make sure the villa’s up to our standards.
  2. Preliminary inspection of the property to assess the market demands.
  3. In-person meeting with the owner to present our service and to understand owner’s requests
  4. After both parties have signed the contract, our quality control team, operation team, and marketing team will start working together as fast as they can to prepare your villa and make it ready to receive guests.
  5. Profits!
  • We have partners all over the world who constantly convey to us a steady flow of customers.
  • We have professional villa inspection teams to make sure all the villas are in prime condition.
  • We are experts of the tourism market in Bali and constantly conduct market research to achieve the best mix of Occupancy / Villa rate.
  • The guests we accept are those with government-issued ID, and we also inquire about the party size, and special requests. Specific rules in the villa are also clearly communicated and should be respected.
  • We will not accept guests with party size that exceeds the maximum number of occupants in the villa and of course, if the guests are a group of teenagers and want to rent the villa for a party, we also respect individual villa’s specific rules about party and events.

The owner will have all the decision making power with respect to Bali Management Villas’ service standard.

  1. Sign up here
  2. Our property experts will be in touch shortly.


We will assign the tasks to individual villa attendants, and if there are any special requirements, they should also be communicated to the villa attendants, so she/he will constantly update you with the status of your pet.

  • All the maintenance work done to your property will request your permission first, with options provided in terms of material and methods.
  • In an emergency case in which the owner cannot be immediately contacted, if the total repair value is below IDR 4,000,000, we will fix the issue first then present you with the official receipt.
  • All maintenance work expenses will be accompanied by its official receipt.
  • We treat every single villa the same and will send villa reports to the owner on the 15th of each month.
  • We conduct regular villa inspections to make sure each villa is in its prime condition.

Yes certainly, we have a team of professional maintenance workers that have years of experience in doing maintenance work on properties.

The owner has the option to pay it on their own, or Bali Management Villas can gladly help them to pay it out of their own account.

  • On many online platforms, all owners are covered with a comprehensive insurance plan to make insurance claims very easy for the owners.
  • We explain the house rules very clearly to the guests every time when they check in.
  • We have a villa manager standby 24/7, to attend any emergency matters happening in the villa.


  • We market our villas on all social media platforms.
  • We have broad villa management networks in Bali with many partners.
  • Our Airbnb accounts are one of the best accounts in Bali.
  • We regularly conduct professional market research to investigate the market trends and pricing.
  • We use developed algorithms gathering different sets of data to set optimal prices combining highest occupancy rate possible whilst maximizing owner’s profits.
  • We identify competitors of each property and will adjust our prices accordingly.
  • We are experienced in setting the price according to seasonality, demands, and competition level.
  • As a Bali Management Villas partner, you will have exclusive access to your villa calendar, accessible on any device with real-time updates of your property.
  • You will also be notified of any new reservation, through your email.

We work with a variety of channels that have different target markets to ensure your villa gets the exposure it deserves. Please see the following as a sample here.

We have a team of social media specialists promoting our villas through social media platforms, your villa will receive the maximum social media exposure possible.


  • We charge zero monthly fee to the owner, as our villa management fee is commission based 18% off of the published price of the villa for Full Management Package. See here for more details.
  • We do not have any hidden fees, as we hate them as much as you do.
  • It depends on the owner’s preferred method of payment, it can either be bank transfer in a local bank or international money wire.
  • The owner will receive the net profit from their villa operations, minus the expenses, commission, and taxes.
  • The owner will receive a monthly villa financial report, with all detailed expenses listed, including the daily price sold and channels used.
  • The net profit from monthly operation will be transferred via the owner’s preferred method of payment.

You can check all detailed expenses on the monthly villa report, and every single expense is backed up with an official receipt from the merchant. Should you have any questions about any expense listed, simply let us know and we will send all the proofs to you.


  • If there’s any major decision involving your villa, you will be immediately notified and you have all the right to make the decision.
  • Otherwise, you can get in contact with the owner consultant assigned to you to inquire about the real time status of your villa.

You will be assigned a villa consultant, which is your main contact with regards to your villa, and should you have any inquiries, simply contact the person, and he/she will tell you the exact status of your property and will conduct inspection reports based on your request.

  • If there’s any maintenance work being done, you will be notified beforehand and have the right to make the decision.
  • If there’s any incident about guests, you will also be notified.
  • You will receive a monthly report to track the finance of your property.