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Юридическая сторона аренды Airbnb: важные соображения

Find out about Bali’s Airbnb legal landscape. From villa rentals to licenses and taxes, here’s a must-read guide for every potential host.

Villa Investment Strategies for Passive Income

Turn your villa into an income-generating asset. Explore key strategies from tourist hotspots to modern amenities, and set your property on the path to consistent profitability.
A couple feeling happy because they achieve their ROI

How to Calculate ROI on Your Rental Property?

Your rental property’s return on investment (ROI) would be your biggest concern. Knowing how to do the calculation will reduce your loss in the future.
newlyweds couple want to buy and invest in a new villa in bali

Freehold vs Leasehold Property in Bali: Which One is Better?

Freehold (Hak Milik) or Leasehold (Hak Sewa)? Which one is better? What’s the pros and cons? Read more here!
retire in bali

Retire in Bali: 8 Steps to Have a Very Pleasant Retirement in Bali

Retire in Bali has become an option for many people in their edge of productive age. In this article we give you 8 steps to have a pleasant retirement in Bali.
Property Investment in Bali

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider to do a Property Investment in Bali

Property investment in Bali is still going to be one of the best choices. So, why should you grab the chance to invest in property in Bali?
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