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countries visit bali the most

Countries that Visits Bali the Most from 2014-2023

Over 39 million travellers from around the world were visiting Bali in 2014-2023. Discover which countries are visiting Bali the most during this period.

Bali’s Tourism Statistics: Insights from April 2024

Bali hosted 503,194 international visitors in April 2024, marking a +7.24% increase compared to March 2024. Dive into more detailed Bali tourism data here!

6 Причин, Почему Бали - самое популярное направление в мире (Travelers Choice – Best of the Best)

В очередной раз Бали выбран самым популярным направлением в мире по версии TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2024. Прочитайте это, чтобы узнать почему.
trends of luxury villa rentals in bali

The Rising Trend of Luxury Villa Rentals in Bali: A Look at the High-End Market

Discover the rising trend of luxury villa rentals in Bali, from the demand and supply of these properties to their pricing and competition in the market.
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