Bali Tourism Statistics: Highlights from July 2023

Bali Tourism Statistics: Highlights from July 2023
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Bali played host to 541,353 international visitors in July 2023, marking a 13.21% growth from June. Dive into more detailed Bali tourism data here!

According to the latest data unveiled by the Bali Central Bureau of Statistics on the 1st of September 2023, the influx of foreign tourists reached an astounding 541,353 visits during July 2023.

This surge signifies a remarkable growth of 13.21% compared to June 2023, exemplifying the enduring allure of Bali as an unrivaled haven for travelers seeking an extraordinary experience. 

From the period spanning January to July 2023, an astonishing number of 2,896,766 foreign visitors deliberately chose Bali as their ultimate destination. 

For a comprehensive breakdown of these figures, please refer to the enlightening comparison presented below:

Exploring Foreign Tourist Visits to Bali: An Analysis of the Past 12 Months

After examining the data from August 2022 to July 2023, here’s a breakdown of tourist trends in Bali:

Visitor Highlights:

Busiest Month: July 2023 stood out with a whopping 541,353 tourists, hinting that many might be flocking to Bali during their summer breaks.

Quietest Month: Contrastingly, August 2022 had the fewest tourists, tallying at 276,659. This dip could be a ripple effect of the pandemic or other global travel disruptions.

Fluctuations Throughout the Year:

Biggest Jump: December 2022 saw a remarkable 31.3% uptick from its preceding month, likely driven by the festive season allure of Bali.

Sharpest Drop: January 2023 marked a 12% drop from December 2022, possibly as the holiday charm waned.

Yearly Overview:

In the span of a year, from August 2022 to July 2023, Bali played host to 4,434,642 international visitors. This underscores Bali’s resilient tourism rebound and its enduring magnetism on the global stage.

To wrap up, Bali’s tourist landscape over the year has been vibrant, with pronounced spikes during festive times and a consistent stream of visitors all year round.

Tourist Visit Data from Airport and Port Arrivals for the Last 3 Months

нетArrivalsJul. 2023Jun. 2023May. 2023
1Ngurah Rai Airport541,272478,127439,454

Countries Contributing the Most Tourists to Bali in July 2023

Bali experienced a notable surge in visitors during the month of July 2023, as reported by BPS. 

Explorers hailing from Australia, India, China, France, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Germany, Netherland, and Singapore flocked to this enchanting island paradise, creating a vibrant tapestry of global travelers.

A Glimpse into July 2023’s Tourism Figures:

  • Australia’s Footprint: In July 2023, Australia led the pack, sending an impressive 132,939 tourists to Bali. This underscores Australia’s dominant role in Bali’s tourist landscape.
  • Netherlands’ Surge: Bali saw a meteoric rise in visitors from the Netherlands, marking a 105.02% jump from June to July 2023.
  • Singapore’s Dwindling Numbers: While Singapore made it to the Top 10, it recorded the smallest number at 16,306 visitors. Moreover, it experienced the steepest decline in tourists, plummeting by -45.88%.
  • Overall Positive Momentum: Out of the Top 10 nations, 8 showcased an uptick in their tourist numbers to Bali between June and July 2023. This hints at a prevailing upbeat mood or conducive travel conditions to Bali during that time.

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Top 10 Countries Contributing the Most Tourists to Bali in July 2023

The Statistical Report released by the Central Bureau of Statistics sheds light on the key contributors to Bali’s bustling tourism scene in July 2023. 

Analyzing the data reveals the top ten countries that generated the highest influx of foreign tourists during this period.

нетCountryJul. 2023Jun. 2023Change (%)
1Australia132,939121,922+9.04 %
2India40,84352,131-21.65 %
3China36,67125,689+42.75 %
4France28,78315,732+82.96 %
5United Kingdom26,91622,026+22.20 %
6United States26,85925,821+4.02 %
7South Korea25,53717,742+43.94 %
8Germany18,96815,834+19.79 %
9Netherland17,6998,633+105.02 %
10Singapore16,30630,132-45.88 %

1. Australia

In July 2023, 132,939 Australian tourists visited Bali, a rise of 9.04% from the previous month. From the start of the year until July, Bali saw 724,376 Australian visitors.

2. India

India dispatched 40,843 tourists to Bali in July 2023, marking a -21.65% dip from June. Between January and July, Bali hosted 255,006 Indian tourists.

3. China

China contributed 36,671 tourists to Bali in July 2023, a surge of 42.75% from June. During the first seven months, 141,292 Chinese tourists explored Bali.

4. France

July 2023 saw 28,783 French tourists in Bali, a notable jump of 82.96% from June. From January to July, 108,786 visitors from France arrived in Bali.

5. United Kingdom

The UK accounted for 26,916 tourists in Bali during July 2023, up by 22.2% from June. In total, 145,030 Brits visited Bali from January to July 2023.

6. USA

The US sent 26,859 tourists to Bali in July 2023, a modest growth of 4.02% from the previous month. Between January and July, Bali welcomed 146,830 American tourists.

7. South Korea

July 2023 saw 25,537 South Korean tourists in Bali, a 43.94% increase from June. Throughout the first seven months, 119,717 South Koreans made their way to Bali.

8. Germany

Germany dispatched 18,968 tourists to Bali in July 2023, up by 19.79% from June. From January through July, Bali played host to 104,638 German visitors.

9. Netherlands

The Netherlands contributed 17,699 tourists to Bali in July 2023, a staggering growth of 105.02% from June.

10. Singapore

Singapore’s contribution was 16,306 tourists in July 2023, a decline of -45.88% from June. Over the span of January to July 2023, 128,688 Singaporeans set foot in Bali.

Infographic Tourism Statistic in Bali (Update September 2023)

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Bali Foreign Tourists Infographic on July 2023

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Data taken from Bali Central Bureau Statistics

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