Bali Tourism Statistics (September 2022 Update)

Bali Tourism Statistics (September 2022 Update)
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In September 2022, the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reported tourist arrivals to Bali in July 2022 as 246,504 visits. 35.72% increase compared to June 2022.

The number of tourist visits to Bali in July 2022 was 246,504, according to data provided by the Bali Central Bureau of Statistics on 02 September 2022. This continues a positive trend since the beginning of the year.

In July 2022, the number of tourist visits grew by 35.72% compared to the previous month.

A full comparison is provided below.

Statistical Data of Foreign Tourist Visit to Bali July 2022 vs June 2022

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) released data on tourist arrivals in June 2022, which totaled 181,545 visits, a significant increase of 57.10% over May 2022. The data is divided into 181,545 tourists who entered through the Ngurah Rai International Airport entry and 80 tourists who entered through the port route.

Meanwhile, BPS recorded 246,442 foreign tourist arrivals in July 2022, representing a 35.72% increase over June 2022. According to BPS data, 246,442 foreign tourists entered through the Ngurah Rai International Airport entry, while the rest 62 entered through the port.

Tourist Visit Data from Airport and Port Arrivals

NoArrivalsMay 2022June 2022July 2022
1Ngurah Rai Airport115,553181,545246,442

Top 5 Countries Contributing the Most Tourists to Bali

According to the figures issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics, a handful of countries supplied the most traffic. The following five countries have the highest number of foreign tourists visiting Bali in July 2022.

NoCountryJune 2022July 2022Change (%)
1Australia59,93879,33932.37 %
2India17,25217,5421.68 %
3UK11,43815,40134.65 %
4France7,29013,68987.78 %
5USA10,14912,26820.88 %

5. United States of America

Travellers from the United States still in 5th place as per previous month with 12,268 visitors in July 2022. However, The United States visitors has increased by 20.88% compared to the number of tourist arrivals from the United States in June 2022.

4. France

After falling down to 7th place in June 2022 with ‘only’ 7,290 visitors coming to Bali, France tourists’ arrival rose prominently as 13,689 visitors in July 2022. This number has increased by 87.78% compared to the previous month.

3. United Kingdom

British tourists rose one step in third position compared to June 2022, with a total of 15,401 visits in July 2022. In line with its rising position, British tourists contributed an increase of 34.65% compared to the total visits in June 2022.

2. India

Tourists from India still ranked second as in the previous month with a total of 17,542 visits. This number also slightly increased by 1.68% compared to the total visits of Indian tourists in June 2022.

1. Australia

Foreign tourists from the land of kangaroos, Australia, still occupy the top position as the largest contributor of foreign tourists to Bali in July 2022. A total of 79,339 visits from Australia were recorded. This number moderately increased when compared to Australian tourist visits in the previous month, which amounted to 32.37%.

Infographic Tourism Statistic in Bali (Update September 2022)

To make it easier to visualise the data released by Central Bureau Statistics of Indonesia, we have also included infographic data that you can download for free below.

Given Bali’s tremendous tourism potential, this easy data visualization can boost your urge to invest in property in Bali.