Top 7 Best Family Villas in Bali for Your Family Vacation

Top 7 Best Family Villas in Bali for Your Family Vacation

Having plans to do a family trip to Bali? Our Top 7 best family villas would definitely raise your wanderlust! Read here for more details.

The pandemic has begun to subside, and the yearning for a vacation to Bali must be at an all-time high. Especially a family vacation with your loved ones, which you haven’t done in about three years.

So you don’t get too confused when it comes to choosing accommodation for your family vacation, we’ve compiled a list of 11 best villas for family holidays that you can make “home” for you and your family while on vacation in Bali, particularly in the trendiest areas: Canggu and Seminyak.

1. Villa Aiimara

Villa Aiimara pool

This lovely 5-bedroom villa was just finished in mid-2022. You may invite up to ten family members to stay in this modern and comfortable villa.

What are the main attractions of Villa Aiimara? See the information below.


Villa Aiimara is located in Canggu and is only about 7 minutes away from Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. For you and your family, sunsets and wave-riding will be your daily routine.

There are also plenty of gastronomic options nearby, including croissants, organic and healthy meals, Mexican restaurants, and traditional Balinese cuisine as well.

Thinking of having some fun with your children? Splash Waterpark, which is only 14 minutes away from the Villa, would be a great option. 


Villa Aiimara Bedroom
Villa Aiimara Bedroom

Villa Aiimara has 5 bedrooms, each including a beautiful bathroom. Their two master bedrooms are on the first and second floors, respectively. There is also a little bar on the rooftop where you can have a chit-chat with your family in the afternoon or evening.

Villa Aiimara Rooftop Bar

Villa Aiimara also includes a large living room placed near the villa’s entrance. You can hold small family parties here because it is built in conjunction with the furnished kitchen.

Not to mention the direct access to the swimming pool, this huge open area can be used for a family function.

Villa Aiimara Livingroom
Villa Aiimara Swimming Pool

What are you waiting for if Canggu is going to be your family vacation destination? Visit Villa Aiimara’s website to fall even more in love with this beautiful villa.

Villa Aiimara’s Website

2. Villa Karishma


Villa Karishma is a lovely modern villa with six spacious and pleasant bedrooms. It has a very strategic location in Kerobokan’s Umalas neighborhood, which is an area reputed for its calmness

It could allow for up to 12 members of your family to stay. The villa also has a large pool area in the center of the garden. You could also spend quality time in the massive living room. 


Villa Karishma is about 15 minutes from Canggu’s seashore.

It’s also easy to spend time with your family at popular sites like Potato Head or Cafe del Mar, which are both only 15 minutes away from the villa.


The bedrooms’ design, which are each linked with a private-bathroom, are undeniably beautiful. Each bedroom at Villa Karishma is dominated by wooden materials and has a relaxing color scheme that stimulates calmness.

Villa Karishma Bedroom
Villa Karishma Bedroom
Villa Karishma Bathroom

Villa Karishma is furnished with 6 spacious and pleasant bedrooms for the entire family, as well as various supporting facilities such as a semi-open and ethnic-style sitting room.

Villa Karishma Livingroom

A magnificent fully-furnished semi-industrial kitchen is also available.

It comes with a variety of equipment and a wooden dining table where you can have a delicious breakfast.

Villa Karishma Kitchen

The attractive aspect of this private pool home is not just the large swimming pool, but also the lovely and cool design of the surrounding garden. It’s ideal for catching up with the extended family here.

Villa Karishma Swimming Pool
Villa Karishma Swimming Pool

For more details, you can visit the Villa Karishma website from the link below.

Villa Karishma’s Website

3. Villa Puri Aman

Villa Puri Aman

Villa Puri Aman is a three-bedroom modern-ethnic design villa in Canggu’s Batu Bolong Beach neighborhood.

Are you planning a vacation for your small family? Villa Puri Aman has a maximum capacity of 8 persons.


Villa Puri Aman is located in the center of Canggu’s most popular tourist region, so you won’t be short on holiday options when staying at this villa.

Of course, because you’re in the Batu Bolong area, you can get to Batu Bolong Beach and Echo Beach in less than 5 minutes!

Do you want to try some delectable Western cuisine? Mason restaurant is right across the street from the villa.

Are you interested in authentic Italian cuisine or fresh French pastry? Bottega Italiana Restaurant or Monsieur Spoon Canggu are excellent choices. They are only a short distance from Villa Puri Aman.

Not only can you and your family enjoy beach and culinary trips, but you can also experience the feeling of shopping for things like no other at Love Anchor Canggu. It simply takes two minutes to reach there from Villa Puri Aman.


Villa Puri Aman Bedroom
Villa Puri Aman Bedroom
Villa Puri Aman Bathroom

Equipped with 3 ethnic-designed bedrooms, this villa also has many other facilities, including; A swimming pool with a tropical garden, a great place to hang out and swim on those hot days. Remember, it’s always summer in Bali 🙂

Villa Puri Aman Swimming Pool

A fully equipped kitchen is combined with an open-plan living room with direct access to the pool.

Villa Puri Aman Dining Room
Villa Puri Aman Living Room

Can’t wait to enjoy Canggu’s natural beauty? Visit their website to discover more while booking your vacation dates at Villa Puri Aman.

Villa Puri Aman’s Website

4. La Maison d’Ulysse Bali

“Modern” and “Luxurious” are two adjectives that best describe La Maison d’Ulysse.

La Maison d’Ulysse, a modern 4-bedroom villa situated in the heart of a magnificent rice field region, provides a unique experience for your family holiday in Bali.

The villa was designed to provide you and your family with a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. This luxurious mansion was created with a modern French architectural concept and a warm tropical touch.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali

This luxurious villa, with a modern and eco-friendly concept, includes several open spaces that will reduce the use of air conditioning.


It takes around 20 minutes from La Maison d’Ulysse Bali to reach some of the most famous restaurants in Canggu and Seminyak, such as Finn’s Beach Club, Café del Mar, and Potato Head Bali, which are located in Bali’s exclusive villa neighborhood of Umalas.


La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Bedroom
La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Bedroom

Villa La Maison d’Ulysse Bali has four bedrooms that are both stylish and comfortable. When you wake up from your comfortable sleep, you and your family can feel the fresh sensation of Bali’s rice fields.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Bathroom

La Maison d’Ulysse is equipped with en-suite baths in each bedroom, which will be an amazing experience for you and your family during your holidays.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Livingroom

This villa’s interior design features plenty of open space on both sides. This will guarantee that air circulates freely.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Dining Room
La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Kitchen

In addition, there is an open-plan kitchen and eating room. The combination creates a wonderful tropical vacation for you and your family.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Pool
La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Pool

A Bali villa vacation is incomplete without a swim in the private pool.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Garden & Pool
La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Pool at Night

The swimming pool at La Maison d’Ulysse is located in the center of the villa and is surrounded by a stunning garden environment.

La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Garden
La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Garden
La Maison d'Ulysse Bali Garden

Its garden is brimming with tropical plants and flowers.

Not only is the villa’s verdant garden physically appealing, but it also provides natural freshness during your stay.

Visit the La Maison d’Ulysse Bali website to reserve your stay immediately.

La Maison d’Ulysse Bali’s Website

5. Villa Boya

Do you want to live in a Malibu-style penthouse? The solution is to stay at Villa Boya Bali.

This 6-bedroom villa has a modern design on the outside yet a natural appeal on the inside.

This property, with its beautiful pool area, is ideal for family gatherings with your loved ones.


It simply takes a few minutes to reach the region of one of the famous beaches in south Bali, which is only 1.8km away.

Not only that, but your eyes will be spoiled by the surrounding verdant rice fields.

Beach clubs and restaurants, such as Finn’s Recreation Club and Café del Mar, are only a few minutes away.


Villa Boya Seating Area
Villa Boya Seating Area

Villa Boya has a distinct design, with a natural-ethnic interior and a modern-natural exterior. There is plenty of space to unwind at the villa, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Villa Boya Pool
Villa Boya Pool at Night

A villa in Bali would be incomplete without a swimming pool where you may spend the entire day. Built directly in the heart of this spectacular structure, you can be certain that you and your cherished family will make this place a favorite hangout.

Villa Boya Pool Tub
Villa Boya Pool Tub

As if the main pool on the first level wasn’t enough, Villa Boya also boasts two pool tubs on the second floor, directly in front of your bedroom!

Viewing the lush vegetation of Bali’s rice fields while having a relaxing moment in the tub is no longer a fantasy!

Villa Boya Bedroom
Villa Boya Bedroom
Villa Boya Bedroom

There is no doubt about it when it comes to bedrooms. The six bedrooms at Villa Boya have been thoughtfully built with you and your family in mind.

The natural-ethnic accents on each side provide a gentle and warm ambience that will improve your sleep quality during your stay.

Visit the Villa Boya website to learn more about this magnificent Berawa villa.

Villa Boya Bali’s Website

6. Bullhouse Bali

Bullhouse Villa Bali

Seminyak has long been a popular Bali vacation destination. You won’t be puzzled by the numerous lodging alternatives in this area because Villa Bullhouse Bali, which was just finished in 2020, is one of the villas of choice for both domestic and international travelers.

Villa Bullhouse, located in the heart of Seminyak, namely in the Batu Belig neighborhood, provides a modern and extremely comfortable 6-bedroom holiday accommodation for you and your family.


What can you do in the Seminyak area? 

It only takes about 7-minutes to get to Belig beach. As for today’s most hip beaches, Batu Bolong and Berawa, you only need to travel for about 20 minutes from this villa.

No need to worry about culinary matters. Villa Bullhouse is surrounded by a selection of top restaurants and cafes. Starting from Bebek Tepi Sawah Batu Belig, Hog Wild, Taco Casa, Pison Coffee and Livingstone, you and your family can choose the culinary tour.


Bullhouse Villa Dining Room
Bullhouse Villa Dining Room

The property’s interior style is open and expansive. There is also a very huge sofa that can seat up to ten people.

Villa Bullhouse’s kitchen also has a stove, microwave, fridge, water kettle, toaster, water dispenser, and cookware and tableware. All the food amenities required for a large family.

Bullhouse Villa Pool
Bullhouse Villa Pool at Night

A gorgeous, massive swimming pool appears to emerge from the tropical greenery. You and your family can relax by the pool and sunbathe.

Bullhouse Villa Rooftop Deck

If your family or you prefer a drier outdoor ambiance, you may spend time on the patio deck reading a book on the comfy double sofa.

Bullhouse Villa Bedroom
Bullhouse Villa Bedroom
Bullhouse Villa Bathroom

Villa Bullhouse includes six spacious ensuite bedrooms with enormous, well-equipped baths. All bedrooms have recognized brand king-size beds.

Bullhouse Villa Bathroom

The bedrooms interiors are tastefully done, with modern furnishings, air conditioning, a walk-in closet, and a spacious safe large enough to hold your laptop.

Visit the Villa Bullhouse website right now and don’t miss out on spending a family vacation here.

Villa Bullhouse’s Website

7. Villa Astinah

Villa Astinah

You want to travel on vacation to Bali with your extended family, but you also want some privacy for each member of the nuclear family. Villa Astinah is the answer.

Villa Astinah is a villa complex in Seminyak with 5 villa units, each with three bedrooms.

Each villa is built independently yet inside the same complex. Villa Bima, Villa Saha, Villa Nala, Villa Juna, and Villa Tira are the names of the villas.


This villa complex is about 1.1km (+4 minutes) away from the beaches. The water conditions are more “soft” than in Batu Bolong or Echo Beach, making this beach a popular family vacation location.

Spending the sunset at La Plancha beach bar can also be included in your daily itinerary while staying at this villa.

You may bring your entire family on culinary trips to Jalan Kayu Aya, which is only 2.2 kilometers from Villa Astinah. A broad variety of outstanding restaurants, including Ultimo Italian Restaurant, Batik Restaurant, Mykonos Greek Restaurant, and many more, are available on one of Bali’s iconic avenues.


Villa-Astinah Bedroom
Villa-Astinah Bedroom
Villa-Astinah Bedroom

Each villa in the Villa Astinah complex contains three bedrooms, each with a comfortable queen bed. Two of the rooms even include a single bed.

Villa-Astinah Bathroom

Although these five villas (Villa Bima, Villa Saha, Villa Juna, Villa Nala, and Villa Tira) appear identical at first glance, each villa has a distinct personality!

Villa-Astinah Livingroom
Villa-Astinah Kitchen
Villa-Astinah Livingroom Decoration

These five villas, each with a kitchen bar and a living area with direct access to the private pool, are ideal for intimate gatherings or simply relaxing over an afternoon coffee and a swim.

Villa Astinah Pool
Villa Astinah Pool

There is no dispute about each villa’s swimming pool. A huge private pool and a cool villa garden will pamper you.

A hot day in Bali will be no problem for you and your family if you are staying at the Villa Astinah complex.

Villa Astinah’s Website

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